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About MC4D

MC4D is the production and DJ duo created by twin brothers Matt and Chris Drake. As a sophomore at Duke University, Matt DJ's many campus events and parties, including football tailgates and bars and clubs in Durham. As a sophomore at Dartmouth College, Chris is a part of the Booth DJ label where he DJ's parties and events in the Dartmouth area. Luckily, the brothers use their distance apart to their advantage to grow MC4D's presence in their respective regions. Recently, the two signed to Duke's record company Small Town Records, where artists such as Mike Posner and Delta Rae began as well. Up until the summer of 2017, the two worked on remixes of songs by artists such as Trey Songz, Marvin Gaye, and Lorde. Now, they've shifted their focus towards writing and recording their own original tracks, so far releasing their originals 'Hold on Tight (ft. Avery Brook)' and 'Lucid (ft. Sophie Sheldon)'. As they've transitioned from writing and producing in their bedroom, to their dorm room, to professional studios, the brothers' ceiling only continues to rise. With many more releases scheduled in the coming months, look out for the upstart MC4D