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About Jiggy

Jiggy riKO is a hip-hop and rap artist from Plainfield, New Jersey. Despite a rough childhood, Jiggy prides himself on his resilience to hardship. Jiggy is now a junior at Duke University, studying Neuroscience, and of course pursuing his rapping career. Jiggy has been creating music since he was 8 years old, simultaneously pursuing a talent and passion for dance. Although he began writing raps in elementary school, Jiggy only really hone in on his writing abilities until his early teens when he began writing and performing slam poetry. Jiggy has a wide range of inspirations based on aesthetics, fashion, music, and “Jiggyness”. These artists include Masego, Miguel, Travis Scott, and Chance the Rapper. Jiggy is also confident that he draws on the individuality, and versatility of these artists and many more. Jiggy, now a signed artist with Small Town Records, is in the studio writing and recording. He expects to release a new single in the New Year.