Julie Williams is a versatile vocalist, whose sound derives from a diverse array musical influences and experiences. Growing up in Tampa, Florida, Julie spent much of her youth immersed in music. Despite starting to sing at an early age, Julie only began performing at her church in her early teens. After growing to love the stage, Julie sought professional training in order to cultivate her skills as an artist. Over the past four years, Julie has performed at a variety of events and venues, including weddings and at restaurants. Now, as an artist for Small Town Records, Julie’s work is focused on developing her own unique style. Julie’s burgeoning repertoire is best described as a blend of jazz, traditional vocal pop, with hints of blues, country and contemporary folk. While some of her inspiration comes from the music of her childhood: The Dixie Chicks and Gladys Knight, other contemporary artists, such as Norah Jones, John Mayer, and Colbie Caillat, have also come to shape her personal sound. Julie Williams is a talented singer and performer discovering her own sound and producing phenomenal original work — to be released in the near future.