Freely Live is a Durham based neo-gospel group with goals of breaking the molds of traditional spiritual music. Reginald Boney, Lead Vocalist, and Lance Scott, the groups producer and bassist formed Freely Live in 2015, with upbringings rooted in church choir and gospel music. The band derives its multifaceted sound from its influences of The Hawkins Family, Richard Smallwood, John Legend, and many more. With Reggee as a graduate student in Duke University’s Divinity School, Freely Live’s powerful sound was quickly noticed by student-run record label, Small Town Records. Lance and Reggee immediately began work on their latest album, “Clean,” which is due to be released on October 21 of this year. With inspiration stemming from the struggles of daily life, Christ’s support and seeking presence through music, “Clean” embodies Freely Live’s heart and soul through a creatively charged collection of dynamic songs.