Antje Lang



The first thing you should know about Antje is that her name is pronounced on-tee-yuh (she knows you were confused). As a newly signed artist to Small Town Records, Antje is excited to begin her musical career outside of her room. Largely a vocalist, Antje picked up a guitar two years ago, retaught herself piano four years ago, and enjoys messing around on random instruments like the mandolin and banjo. She considers herself a musician in the vein of the indie folk and folk rock genres, enjoying acoustic sounds and vocal harmonies. She credits a wide range of influences; from early childhood exposure to Gordon Lightfoot (thanks Mom) and Simon & Garfunkel (thanks Dad) to her own more current finds like The Head and the Heart, Alexi Murdoch, Gregory Alan Isakov, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, and an excessive amount of others that we won’t list here. Thanks for taking the time to read her bio and she sincerely hopes she will be playing for you in the near future.