A breath of fresh air,

with their disco-funk melody and a deep house dance beat, UK duo Blonde manifests the aura of a euro summer dance club with their single “Foolish”. Collaborating together for the past year, Blonde is composed of two Bristol natives, Adam Engelfield and Jacob Mason. Rooted in electronic foundations, the two artists met in cyberspace when Jacob Mason submitted his original work under the name Thieves to Adam Engelfield’s highly recognized YouTube channel Eton Messy, which they have just been featured on again for their “Coming With You” Ne-Yo Remix. After listening to the track, Engelfield contacted Mason with a remix request of one of his own originals under his solo name, Beluga. From there, the duo noted their abilities to capture their unique musical talents and 90s dance and electro-pop tastes, and Blonde was born.

Featuring the vocals of fellow upcoming English artist Ryan Ashley, “Foolish” was the first single released by Blonde 2014. Combining smooth R&B vocals with a bouncy, funk-pop beat, “Foolish” epitomizes the progressive music scene that currently exists in Bristol. Reworked by promising electronic artists like Joe Goddard, Kaasi and Tom Misch, the synth-pop, upbeat, bass-filled song provides the perfect material for many artists and listeners to appreciate. With its summer dance vibe, “Foolish” demonstrates the confused love between a couple who can’t seem to figure out what steps to take next. With lines like “If it’s on, let me know it’s on/Both wanna walk, don’t wanna put a foot wrong”, “Foolish” exhibits the hesitation to start anew and to open themselves up to something that could end up hurting them again. But like most stubborn lovers, an element of pride keeps them from opening up to the idea of mending their broken relationship. “We don’t wanna look foolish, that’s why we’re fools” ultimately verbalizes that by allowing pride to determine their decisions they are left with nothing but the emptiness of being foolish themselves. With the smooth melodic lyrics and catchy beat, Blonde has created a feel-good track that you can’t help but jam to.